Benefits of FansVoice Research


We engage fans before, during and after your event so we can understand their entire experience, from expectations to emotional connections, even to their post-event memories.


We all know big data is helpful, but micro-data is just as, if not more, important. Researching individuals throughout the course of their experience helps you build individual profiles for your target and emerging audiences. The “what” is good, but the “why” is better.


Qualitative, quantitative, and anything in between. Whatever the size of your venue or scope of your brand, FansVoice can select and combine research tools to drive ticket sales and build fan loyalty.


Customized reporting can tell you everything you need to know about your fans, from general demographic information to distance traveled for an event, from ticket purchasing behavior to amenities they liked and didn’t like at your event. Follow-up interviews measure fans’ reasons for and likelihood of duplicating their experience and how they shared their experience with others.


Information you receive from FansVoice is multi-functional. Use it to learn more about your target audiences, fill seats, improve fan experience and engage sponsors and partners.


Thinking about changing your brand? Not only do we provide in-depth analysis of your fans and their experiences, but we also identify recommendations for strategies and tools that will get your message to them in the most efficient ways.


Measuring the Spectator Experience

2:03 - Watch the video to learn about our process and benefits.


The Process

FansVoice uses a proprietary blend of experiential dialog and sophisticated market research tools. We customize each methodology to fit your needs. We employ a combination of the following to get the best results.

  • Fan intercept studies
  • In-person and online focus groups
  • Online and telephone interviews
  • Behavior modeling and prioritization using AnswerCloud™ to your FansVoice Index
  • In-The-Moment™ experiential mobile collection
  • Immersive ethnographic observational tools
  • Awareness and attitude tracking
  • Purchase behavior analysis
  • Graphic Heatmap & Mark-up Tool: Concept Evaluation and Image Markup Tool

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