FansVoice Research Tools

Attribute Assessment

Gain an understanding of satisfaction and desire in relation to specific attributes in your product and service offerings. Further, learn the level of importance of each of those attributes so you can allocate resources toward those items that will have the greatest impact on the fan.

Brand Personality Mapping

Build programs, operational initiatives and communications that resonate with fans and potential fans. Build the brand-based brand personality.

Deep-Dive Experiential Assessment

Gain fan insights during an event. FansVoice allows each respondent to share feelings and reactions in the moment rather than from memories at a future time. You can track over time to uncover trends and shifts in behavior and attitudes.

Creative Graphic & Content Testing

You spend a lot of precious money on communications, both web and traditional media. FansVoice lets you test that communication concept before you spend a lot of money in the rollout.

Promotional & Operational Initiative Testing

Have an idea that you think will resonate loudly with the fan? Test that idea first so you have a sense of whether it will have a positive or negative impact on your goals.

Focused Data Fan Profiling

Get a complete understanding of the people attending your events. FansVoice provides knowledge that touches operations, marketing, sponsor development, concessions…every aspect of your operation.

Segmented Topic-Specific Investigation

Wonder why lapsed fans became lapsed fans? How emerging segments are responding to your offering? What will “hook” them and make them long-time fans, or more importantly, ticket purchasers? We can uncover that and much, much more.